About Professor Hack Harddrive  

Professor Hack Harddrive is a voice of sanity crying out in a technological wilderness. He is the tenured Professor of Contemporary Culture at Dubious University with aboutadvanced degrees in antiquities, nuclear physics, nano-technology, anthropology, biofeedback, medicine, meditation, paleontology, poetry and computer science. He was voted Favorite Professor of the Year four times by Dubious students, because they appreciate that he never shies away from controversial issues, and he always has much wit and wisdom to share. His uniquely diversified knowledge makes him the perfect Poetic Commentator-in-Chief as he attempts to
shine a light on what’s going on today, to save the world for tomorrow.

As some of you may have suspected, Professor Hack Harddrive has a secret identity, much as Spiderman is Peter Parker and Superman is Clark Kent. When he is not writing poems or teaching at Dubious U, Professor Hack Harddrive is actually Paul Jeffrey Davids, a Princeton University award-winning poet. He is also a graduate of the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies. For several decades, he has worked as a Hollywood film producer, writer and director. He began his career as the production coordinator for Marvel Productions of the original TRANSFORMERS animated television series – 79 episodes – and he wrote some of them too. His film credits as writer, producer and/or director include:

SHE DANCES ALONE starring Bud Cort and Max von Sydow ( www.pauldavids.com/basic/she1.html  )
Showtime’s ROSWELL: THE UFO  COVERUP ( http://pauldavids.com/basic/ros1.html  )
TIMOTHY LEARY’S DEAD, a biography of LSD guru Leary ( http://pauldavids.com/basic/tim1.html  ) 
STARRY NIGHT, a fantasy about Vincent van Gogh ( http://www.starrynightmovie.com/  )
THE ARTIST & THE SHAMAN, his personal journey as an artist ( http://pauldavids.com/basic/artist1.html  )
THE SCI-FI BOYS – Peter Jackson salutes the pioneers of special effects of cinema science-fiction, including Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury and Forrest J Ackerman ( http://www.pauldavids.com/sci_ficomp.html  )
JESUS IN INDIA, exploring the eighteen “missing years” of Jesus ( http://www.jesusinindiathemovie.com/  )
BEFORE WE SAY GOODBYE, a Hispanic-American story ( www.beforewesaygoodbye.com )
…and his latest: THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT, a feature documentary study of the evidence for life after death. ( http://radicalspiritualist.blogspot.com/2011/11/spirit-deletes-four-words-propels-film.html  )



In the 1990’s, with his wife, Hollace Davids, he wrote a series of STAR WARS books for Lucasfilm and Bantam/Random House, including THE GLOVE OF DARTH VADER, THE LOST CITY OF THE JEDI, ZORBA THE HUTT’S REVENGE, MISSION FROM MOUNT YODA, QUEEN OF THE EMPIRE and PROPHETS OF THE DARK SIDE. The books sold millions of copies worldwide in many languages.

He is also an artist and painted the cover portrait of Professor Hack Harddrive. He creates oil paintings, pen and ink drawings and pastels, and his art has been showcased in major galleries. You can visit his online art gallery at www.pauldavids.com where you can also learn about his books, films and music.


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