At this website, you'll meet Professor Hack Harddrive in videos (many free videos, plus Pay Per View videos) and books. His just-released E-book is video enhanced.  Not since the parodies of Weird Al, or songs like "They're Coming to Take Me Away" or "The Monster Mash" has there been this much mashed madness in songs and verse. New videos are added almost weekly, because Professor Hack Harddrive has arrived to mess with your mind and hack your funnybone.

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Professor Hack Harddrive's Introduction Video

Quotes to Ponder

“Professor Hack Harddrive is an enigmatically driven, thoughtful, creative geyser, relentlessly bursting with inspiration and wit. His word-play and whimsy are 
great fun.”
Shadoe Stevens – First Program Director and DJ of “world  famous” K-ROQ FM, Host of “American Top Forty” and “Mental Radio”
“When you’re out of gas, the fun begins. Buckle up for Professor Hack Harddrive’s humorous and imaginative verse and enjoy his mind’s soaring flight. I did.”
Anne Scott Author of “Reaches of the Heart” and other books
“Rappers and rhymers move over. These are poems that anyone can pick up and enjoy – and will not want to put down. The clever images, embedded in catchy rhythms, will stay with you. Like the magician he is, he creates characters, situations and themes, and he fills each poem with memorable wit and word play. This writing is an amazing ‘sleight-of-hand’ and all that can ultimately be said is: Wow!
 Joanne Clarkson – Award-winning Poet, Pushcart Nominee and Valparaiso Review Contributor
"His poems combine rhyme with delight in everything imaginable and unexpected. As long as I have known Professor Hack Harddrive, he has never stopped his irreverent and unpredictable gush of creativity. He simply does not accept anything and is willing to run his Don Quixote lance at any belief or assumption. Be prepared to see him rethink everything and to remake heavens and earth... in prose, film and paint as Paul Jeffrey Davids, and now in poetry as Professor Hack Harddrive.”
Paul R. Fleischman Author of "The Healing Spirit," "Cultivating Inner Peace," and other books
“Professor Hack Harddrive continues to burst forth in multiple media – film, art, literature, music – with all levels of imaginative undulations such as these poems.
If you want a wild ride, hang on and read!”
John Selby – Author of “Seven Masters, One Path,” “Quiet Your Mind,” “Kundalini Awakening” and other books, Founder of Wizewell